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Our Flavors include*

White Pineapple





Mountain Apple



The team at Staci Mae’s takes extreme pride in our all-natural organic sorbets.  Our yummilicious treats are created with the best Organic Fruit in the Hawaiian Islands, sweetened with a little blue agave nectar and lots of love.  Each perfectly ripe fruit is hand-selected with care and serves as the main ingredient for our delicious and refreshing desserts.  

We are proud to say that our fruit comes from Organic Farms here in the islands.  We guarantee the fruits used in our products are freshly handpicked the day we arrive on the farms, allowing each piece to ripened fully on the trees.  This additional time allows for the natural flavor and sweetness to develop creating a powerful profile in our sorbets.  Within the first 48 hours of picking the fruit, we process them to ensure we capture the fullest essence of its flavor profile.

We love working with local farmers and because of it, we have an amazing opportunity to offer our customers a broad spectrum of flavorful experiences.   Our variety keeps customers coming back week after week to see what's new.  

Not only do we know how fortunate we are to have such a plethora of fruits available here in Hawaii, we know that by buying local we are doing our part to support local farmers, build community, stimulate the economy and reduce the carbon footprint, all of which are part of our core values.  We care about quality, about people, and the world. 

* Flavor availability is based on season as well as local supply

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