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Pineapple by the Sea


It all started with a pineapple and a blender.  Strange as it sounds, the start of Staci Mae's, began with my dad's homegrown pineapple from our Mililani yard and a blender.  Sitting around one weekend, my mom asked me, when are you going to make me a frozen dessert, ice cream maybe?  She was so excited, how could I resist, her question was all it took.  A few minutes later, of course, with a little taste test in between, Staci Mae's Organic Sorbet was born.

Since that first weekend almost three years ago, Staci Mae's has evolved from providing sorbet scoops to now serving bowls with assorted toppings, teas with scoops of sorbet, and pints to take home.  Our sorbets are a delicious treat for any time of the year.  
Being back in the food industry spawned my desire to also get back into baking.  Every year I for the holidays I would bake over 1,000 cookies, 300 cups of Chex Mix, and hundreds of energy bars.  It wasn't until February of 2015 that Staci Mae's Sweet Treats made it's debut when a friend asked for my holiday treats at their church fundraiser.  I hadn't realized just how big of a hit they would be and since then I have found myself making both healthy and not so healthy treats.

Truly we have something for everyone.

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